Friday, January 30, 2009

Love Where You Are

I love Rob Ryan's work and this print of two little birds holding up their nest. The eggs read "Other Planets Cannot Be As Beautiful As This One". It made me think how wonderful it is to appreciate exactly where you are and also reminds me to keep going in my efforts to be more green. Here are some more great Rob Ryan goodies. And here's a few things I loved about where I was this week:

  • The painting of the kitchen is finally finished. It's a beautiful cream with white trim and reminds me of the exterior of London houses. I used Benjamin Moore Aura Paint in Natural Choice so my kitchen is officially green!
  • I got a free "0% Plastic" tote from Gap for being a card member. I really like the design and the free part. Smart of Gap, I ended up buying some things for my daughter while I was in the store to redeem my coupon for the bag. Good of the cashier to suggest she could pack my purchases up in my new tote. Proud and green me as I walked out of the store without a plastic bag.
  • I replenished the bird feeder and attracted a beautiful red cardinal and some less colorful but also beautiful birds as well.
  • The grey winter skies and snow. Really. I'm making a point of not falling into "I wish it were spring" mode and wishing away time.

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ep said...

Wishing away time - what a great way of putting that state of mind. Looking forward isn't always so great, is it?

I'm also trying to enjoy the winter, especially since I have a winter birthday girl. Of course it's a lot easier now that we're back in the 30s rather than the 20s!