Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer is Imminent

Wow, the upcoming weekend means summer is on its way. Yesterday's heat wave was proof it is serious about arriving.

After what seemed liked an extremely cold spring, the heat was a shock. Sweaters are still everywhere in the house. Actually, it felt like spring never really arrived and despite the floral evidence, I feel like we just went through Autumn.

Well, time put that behind us and plan some summer fun. Here's a list of a few little things I want to squeeze in this summer:

Grow our own string beans (the little one's favorite vegetable)
Have a picnic at our local nature preserve
Finally buy a gas grill and cook lot's of healthy meals outside
Finish planting our herbs and use lots of them in healthy salads
Spruce up our rock garden that is feeling a bit neglected
Read a really great book
Swim a lot with the little one
Go bike and scooter riding
Adapt a summer attitude

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