Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Proud New Owner of a Tree

Who knew it was so difficult to buy a tree? The right tree, that is. I have been looking for a weeping snow fountain cherry tree for about two years. I would shop around in early spring and all the trees were too large or scraggly or just not right. Summer would take over, and I would never get around to buying one.

This weekend, I was resolved to get a tree to put in the circle of daffodils I planted for it two years ago. It's amazing what someone will try and sell you when you ask for a dwarf cherry tree. Options offered included a cherry tree that would grow 15 to 20 feet, a weeping rain tree with yellow flowers, a mature apple tree that was so oddly shaped it warranted a discount, and finally what can only be described as a flowering bush. Buying a car would have been easier.

Finally, I found my tree. It is not the perfect tree I had in my mind, that's actually growing in my neighbors yard. But it is a good tree and will grow into our perfect tree. 

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