Monday, May 20, 2013

Finishing Things

Last weekend I finished a sweater that I started years ago. Originally, I bought the wool to make another pattern but there was this tricky fringe along in edge that I could not figure out. I abandoned that sweater and pulled out the back that I had knit, rewound the wool and started on an easier pattern.

Then I got side tracked, misplaced my notes and lost my place in the pattern. Finally, I just left it to deal with more pressing stuff.

Coming back to an old knitting project is always a challenge and a little unnerving. What if it's all wrong? What if I have to pull the whole thing out?

Happily, I was able to solve the puzzle. I restarted and over some weeks was able to tackle the unfinished front and match the shaping. Knit two sleeves, sew the shoulders, add the collar, sew it up and tuck in all of the loose ends.

Assembling and finishing is my least favorite part of knitting. I find it stressful. The knitting is sometimes very meditative and peaceful, but sewing requires full focus and my fear that it's not all going to work out in the end takes over.

The sweater is finished, it's not perfect but it turned out well. It fits and I actually like it. Now, when the cold weather comes in the fall, I will have a reason to celebrate. Now, I'm celebrating pushing through and the joy of finishing.

Top image the sweater I was going to make.
Bottom image the sweater I made.
Images from Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection.

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