Monday, April 8, 2013

Pick-up Sticks

Ever start something with your little one only to wish you hadn't. A lot of sticks and branches came down during Hurricane Sandy and the rest that were stuck up in the trees are still coming down. I had gathered most in our front yard and stacked them earlier in the year, but the side of the house, that is next to a strip of tall trees, is still full of sticks.

I started picking up a few with the little one and couldn't get her to stop. Who knew picking up sticks had so much appeal for a little one? Well, if a love of racking leaves endlessly is any indication, I should have known. I have a five year old who loves lawn work. Every time we are out doors she ends up doing yard maintenance till the point of exhaustion. And by exhaustion, I mean mommy. It ends with me begging to stop. I can only imagine what the neighbors think. Poor little thing look how her mother works her.

Image Andy Goldsworthy, Woven Branch Circular Arch, Langholm, Dumfriesshire April 1986

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