Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars - Very Random Bits and Pieces

I actually sat down to watch the Oscars last night and was planning to try and make it through the whole thing, but the little one had other plans. Just as well, my interest level might be greater, if I managed to see some of the movies.

My impressions from what I did watch were...

For one, that it seemed a little thin on stars. Perhaps an odd observation about a show that is all about celebrities. But where was everyone? Seemed like they were struggling to find people to talk to on the red carpet. Do only nominated actors attend? Have I not noticed this in the past? Was I not watching closely enough? For example, no Brangelina. Maybe there were resting the leg. Was that a year ago?

Redemption for Ben Affleck? Guess I am out of it? Maybe, because I tend to mix him up with Matt Damon or perhaps because I never saw Gigli, I wasn't aware he needed redeeming. Here's a guy with a beautiful wife and kids, cool friends, a ton of money, an Oscar already. Many would consider it a wonderful life, and he's in need of a major redemption, that only another Oscar can provide? Ah Hollywood.

Speaking of redemption - Miss Stewart walked the red carpet almost alone, a set of crutches kept her company. Not a bad accessory. I think they made her seem somewhat sympathetic and she was called a "trooper". Trooper is a lot better than most of stuff she's been called this year. Maybe they just reminded me of Bella making her way into the prom.

Anne Hathaway wins big but also annoys big. Have to say, while I really liked her in Rachel Getting Married, I'm not completely mystified that she has spawned "I Hate Anne Hathaway" Facebook pages. Maybe she's just over exposed of late.

Helen Hunt's choice of an H&M dress is a topic for discussion. It was simple. She pulled it off and she looked a lot better than many of her couture clothed counter parts. More than I loved the dress, I loved her for wearing it.

Her choice made me think, that maybe the Oscars could solve it's dilemma on what tone the show should strike, by not trying to "dress" it up. Maybe, they could forget all the schtick one year and just give out the awards. Then there might be enough time for acceptance speeches without the Jaws theme.

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