Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rushing into Spring

Okay it seems like Puxatony Phil and everyone else is ready to rush into Spring! The stores are starting to fill up with pastel and neon bright clothing and there are gardening supplies and seed packets displayed in the supermarket.

I can't blame this "Jump into Spring" mentality solely on consumerism. I'm sure since ancient times people have had a longing for signs of Spring at this time of year. Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday are less than two weeks away and the count down to Easter begins. Easter is undeniably a spring holiday.

But what about the last of winter? Maybe because I'm a February baby, I like winter and want it to feel well, like winter. I would probably be as eager for spring as everyone else, if this winter really felt like a winter.

Yes, it was cold for a couple of days and there was a little snow. The flu thrived, but so did the parsley and pansies in our garden. Maybe, I'm not so eager for spring, because this whole winter has felt like a cold spring. I feel like I am living in a warmer climate than the our zone 6 USDA designation calls for. Come on February bring it on!

Photo via A Blog with a View

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