Saturday, February 2, 2013

Less Is More: Book Exchange at the Our Library

One of my goals for the year is to clear out a bunch of old stuff including books. I love books and used to squeeze them all in shelves along my living room wall. When I moved they were packed away in boxes. Some I thought I could part with, were put in paper bags, and headed to the art store that buys old art books.

In the craze of the move I never made it to the book store. I was however still determined to lighten my literary load. Anyone whose moved a few times with lots of books can appreciate the benefit of paring down.

So, hurray for the book exchange at our local library. I felt a little silly leaving a bunch of art theory books among the romance novels but hey, maybe I raised the literary bar a little. Anyway they were not there when I visited again.

And honestly what a relief to be rid of them. Books can be part of our identity and therefore hard to part with. Yes, I read a lot of art theory in graduate school, but do I want to read it again? Not really. I'm not sure I enjoyed reading it the first time and it didn't really make art making any easier. Bye, bye old school books. I feel so much lighter!

The photos of cool book exchanges are from tumbler.

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