Friday, March 9, 2012

A Jump on Spring

The unseasonably warm weather allowed me to clear the front garden. Just as well, the warm weather has given the plants a head start too. The oregano and our Miss Dot grass have already started growing into the dried out stalks from last year. I trimmed back the old growth and raked up a surprising amount of left over leaves from the fall. The leaf clean up revealed lots of spring buds and what's left of the tulips. I have a sneaking suspicion that our tulips are also being attacked from below. Are the chipmunk's pulling them right into their underground tunnels?

While I was bagging leaves and puzzling over our missing tulips, my little one was busy building a fairy house with her cousins. They made good use of the remains of Miss Dot and twigs from the yard. They were not a 100% happy with their fairy house, but I think it turned out first rate.

In the late afternoon, I took a walk in the back woods and came across some shed antlers and two tiny deer skulls, little victims of the winter or more likely a coyote. A strong reminder of the cyclical nature of things, which made me even happier that Spring is almost here.


Belle said...

I love the fairy house. I used to think about fairies a lot when I was a little girl. They always looked so happy and beautiful.

jane said...

Thanks Belle! I think they made a beautiful home. I loved Arthur Rackham's illustrations of fairies when I was a little girl. So beautiful and ethereal. I still do.