Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Snow with Ice on Top

I think I'm going to remember this as the winter of super snow. It just keeps coming and I'm sure a lot of people have had it. Spending two hours digging a car out of snow the other day almost put me over the edge. Today's ice storm may be the final straw.

What did our little furry friend the ground hog have to say today? I'll have to check. What ever his prediction, I've resigned myself to the fact that more snow is on it's way. So I'm going to try and forget all the inconveniences and remember how beautiful it can be. Happy Ground Hog Day everyone!


miss pixie said...

Happy Groundhog day to you too! Love that film, nothing like a bit of Bill Murray to brighten up ones day!! :)

jane said...

I think about that film a lot lately, mostly because my workplace is so unsettled every day feels like the first day on a new job. Comparing the experience to "Groundhog Day" always makes me chuckle inside. Yes a little bit of Bill Murray does brighten ones day.