Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Casanovas

February for obvious reasons is a good month to contemplate love. It is hard not to think of the topic when little Cupids are pasted every where and store shelves are stacked with flashy hearts stuffed full of chocolates.

Valentine's Day is certainly one ginormous commercialized nod to romantic love, and I suppose depending on whether or not Cupid has set his sights on you, a cause for celebration or an opportunity to feel left out in the cold. One could certainly look at all the dozens of roses waiting to be delivered and wonder "Where's my price charming?"

Personally, I think the grade school version of Valentine's Day from my childhood was a lot more fun and inclusive. I remember buying a book full of Valentines and carefully removing them from their perforated pages? Assembling the flimsy little envelopes and addressing one to every member of my class. Maybe I saved the best one for a special friend but everyone got a token of my friendship. And I in turn collected my own stash of Valentines back. What a bunch of little Casanovas we all were.

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Belle said...

I liked Valentines Day at school. And it was lots of fun tearing out the cards.