Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Photo a Day 8/365

One would never guess from the smile on her face that it was a sleep late, wake up grumpy, no nap, whiny, cranky kind of a day. Oh well, we survived and at least she had fun hiding in the bushes and we managed to plant some sunflower seeds without a melt down. Of course she's sleeping like an angel now. Whew.


ep said...

Kids are a rollercoaster, aren't they? Both in the big emotions they go through and the ones they inspire in you. But you captured a beautiful moment at the top. She looks like Spring!

jane said...

The funny thing about having a child is that you will put up with more than you would with any other individual. If one of my friends were squealing and being as difficult I would certainly walk away.

I feel like the roller coaster starts when you get pregnant and realize suddenly there's no turning back. I've always been a scaredy cat when it comes to roller coasters but I'm loving this one even when it feels like I'm going over the edge.

That's the trick with roller coasters isn't it? You make a commitment and now you are strapped in and have to ride it out. So the best thing is to enjoy it. And I have to say even at her grumpiest she's the love of my life.