Saturday, May 22, 2010

The End is Near

I'll probably end up watching the last of LOST this Monday on Hulu after everyone else has seen the finale on Sunday. Still as Jacob warned "we're getting very close to the end" and I can't say that I'm happy about it. I'm going to miss this TV show and its cast of characters. I almost don't think of LOST as a TV series. I've watched it mostly on my computer without commercials. It seems more like a very long novel that I pick up when I want, put aside, and then come back to. And as with some good books, I want to know the outcome but I don't want it to end. The show also oddly feels a bit like a dear friend who I can drop in on when I need to escape my own day to day stuff.

But it is going to end tomorrow and perhaps that's why I had a dream last night with elements from the show. I was among the characters as they were getting set up and trying to reassume their exact positions so they could recreate the initial event. We were on a train instead of a plane in my dream and the tension was high. I think I dreamed this because I am hoping for some kind of reset to happen in the last episode. This season has been so grueling and with each episode the hope of any of the characters realizing a happy ending seems more unlikely. Ben appears to have fallen permanently this time and it seems Desmond may indeed have to make a sacrifice and play the role of last resort.

In my mind now the best case scenario is, that some how the Desmond in LA is the same Desmond who was in the well, that he has gone to gather the others and will some how bring them all back. I don't know why that seems like a happy ending. The LA version of reality is pretty decent for everybody despite their underlying feelings that they are not living the lives they were meant to. At least for Libby, Ana Lucia, Rousseau and Alex they are still alive. I think it is because the situation on the island is just so grim now that I want another reset. Smokey seems unstoppable, and with Ben as his henchman, it feels as if it could just be a matter of watching him pick off the remaining characters in awful fashion. My worst fear is that it's just Jack in the end sitting on the island Sentinel style. We'll see. Claire is still a wild card, Ben may flip flop again and wasn't Richard supposed to be immortal? I want the "Destiny Found" tag line from the Season 6 poster to be a positive omen.

Whatever the outcome, I'm really just hoping it's an ending I can live with. One that doesn't belittle all of the great storytelling that has lead up to this point. Not too closed, not too open. Not saccharin but also not devastating. Just perfect. Pretty please.

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