Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Photo a Day 10/365

Our camera is in a bag of rice. Never a good sign. So here's our photo of the day using Photo Booth on our Mac. I think this photo should be called "Stripey Cheesy" because we are both wearing stripes and saying cheese. I love her in this shirt. Am I raising a mini me? Is that wrong?


ep said...

Yes (mini-you) No (it's not wrong) Love (this photo!)

jane said...

I'm glad to get the okay from another mom. I guess she will get her chance to rebel one day. But she really seemed to like her stripped shirt and even accessorized it with a scarf I made for her and a hat. She amazes me with her sense of style.

Aly said...

"She amazes me with her sense of style." Like daughter. it.