Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Sketchbook To Fill

A new sketchbook is definitely less intimidating than a free standing blank sheet of drawing paper. I think a blank sheet of paper is well the toughest place to start drawing. I usually mark or color my paper immediately so it is not so wide open and scary.

Still, I always feel much freer drawing in a sketchbook maybe because of the privacy factor. Close the cover and it is your own private drawing world. Also there's always a next page if you don't like the one before.

I got really inspired looking at Linzie Hunter's flicker stream of her Lettering Sketchbook. Above is just one of the great pages in it. If you like Linzie's work there are still some of her prints available at 20 x 200. Now I'm off to break in my own sketchbook and make it truly mine.

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