Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drawing Inspiration: Paper Worlds

I'm gearing up to get drawing. I have had eight sheets of paper with a first layer of color up on my closet door for over a year now just waiting. I'm starting to get attached to them just the way they are, but now I'm going to risk ruining them. I think that is what drawing and art making are all about: how far you can take something before you go too far. Knowing when to push it and when to stop. Can't wait to dive in.

I was doing image searches this morning and found some offbeat inspiration while clicking through the patterns and color ways on the Thibaut Wallpaper website. The site has nice functionality and the option to bookmark favorites. I ended up wishing I had a room to wallpaper. In the meantime, I love the crazy details in wallpapers like the parrot feathers above and also seeing how changing the color palette completely transforms a design. I wouldn't be surprised if a crazy parrot emerges in one of my drawings.


ep said...

can't wait to see what you come up with! The details of the wallpapers also make me think of old china. That might be a good place to seek inspiration, too...

jane said...

I actually just took out a children's book from the library that tells a version of the Willow Pattern story. My grandmother tried to explain it to me once. We have some of her Willow plates.

I love patterns on china, wallpaper and also floating world prints. They all have these crazy details that are other worldly.