Friday, November 6, 2009

Inspiration for Operation Pare Down

I'm really trying to pare down these days in so many ways. I'm on a campaign to eliminate stuff we don't need or really love and to find homes for those things others might treasure. Thank goodness for the Salvation Army or Sal's as my friend Susie calls it. I remember the first time she told me she'd been shopping at Sal's. I thought it must be the newest boutique and that I was out of loop. No, Sal's was not another Jeffery's, it was the good old Salvation Army. She had hit our local one for some cheap work t-shirts. I was definitely out of the loop in terms of frugal shopping.

Now a days, I'm trying to reform in terms of how much I spend, how much I own, and how much time I spend taking care of stuff versus living life. So I'll be making a trip to Sal's this coming week, not to shop but to help stock the shelves.

The photo from Fine Little Day above is my inspiration for the weekend purge and proof that less can still be warm.

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ep said...

Good for you! I have been a huge fan of "Sal's" (never heard it called that before - love it) for years. They will also come to your house and pick up any large items that you want to shed = I got rid of an old futon/bed couch that way. Their shop is irresistible, however, although I have found some great clothes - for me and the kid, books - ditto. They trick is to come out with less in square footage than when you went in!