Monday, November 23, 2009

Haramaki = Happy Warm Tummy

I'm wearing my haramaki as I write this and it is keeping me cozy despite the gray skies and the thermostat which has been set at an environmentally correct 65 degrees. The origin of the haramaki heralds back to the samurai but you don't need to wield a sword anymore to wear one. These comfy belly wraps not only keep your tummy warm but are said to be good for your internal organs and blood circulation. Add to that how great they look peaking out under a shirt or worn obi style and I want a drawer full of them. The adorable haramaki shown are by Hobonichi. Another great source is Haramaki Love which has versions in fleece and a maternity selection. I can vouch that a warm tummy is a happy tummy.

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