Monday, January 13, 2014

Affordable Luxuries #14 : Sunday at Home

We did the perfect thing this Sunday, we spent all day at home. Not very exciting? Exactly. Not exciting but no trip to the grocery market or errands run is my kind of boring. A lazy day? Not exactly. A lot of laundry got folded, some  bills got paid, a pot roast got made, lunches were packed and the to do list was whittled down.

Add in providing lunch, snacks and dinner and it was actually a pretty busy day. But busy at home versus busy out in the busy world. Capping the day off with a glass of wine and the Golden Globe Awards left me feeling connected enough to the world outside. 

Next time we do an all day at home Sunday, my goal is to have the laundry done ahead of time, meals ready to reheat and to hide the to do list. Then we will try and enjoy a truly lazy Sunday at home. 

On the affordable front, no money was spent until I went ahead and bought the circus tickets I've been meaning to buy. For our next all day at home, I'll see if we bring it in at zero dollars spent. 

Photo via Moods of the Moon.

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