Friday, December 13, 2013

Counting Down

I feel sort of frazzled this holiday season. There's a more than usual sensing of being rushed. I know the source is work where deadlines are looming and talk of working through the holiday are circulating. I hate the sense of days rushing by and personal life taking the "way back" seat.

So I'm glad that in the midst of the craziness I took time to do something I've been meaning to do for my little one - an advent calendar. I let go of having to do it perfectly and just did it free form. I decided on a count down approach and have used little brown bags with stamped numbers and stickers. Without a place to put all 25 bags, I've been making them in batches and putting one out a day.

Good thing, when we started, I left the number 23 bag on a shelf ready or the next day. I came home to a story from the little one about how she had to open the 23 bag because the 24 bag had nothing in it. Hmm, the the 24 bag had nothing in it because a certain someone had already consumed the contents. I realized, if I had prepared and put out all 25 bags they would have lasted a day. 

So now, we are counting down one bag at a time and celebrating Christmas a little every day.

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