Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Prep Underway

I'm having difficulty believing Christmas is just weeks away. I've actually bought the little one a bunch of gifts and even wrapped them. We're doing a free form Advent Calendar. More about that later. I finished designing our Christmas cards last night and placed the order. The wreath has arrived from my brother and sister in law and is on the door. I planted a amaryllis bulb and set it on the table in a nice red pot. So why don't I feel Like it's Christmas time yet?

Maybe because it seems like a million miles away in terms of work and chores and gifts still to buy. If I made a list of all that still needs to be done, it would dwarf what I have already accomplished. It's just the time of year when you seem to race around in hopes you'll get it all done and have a chance to finally relax. It certainly isn't as easy as just hanging the stockings with care. Big to do list here I come.

Photo via Limilee.

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