Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hanging Out in the 20's

I feel a bit guilty when I find myself watching shows inside during the summer. I justified my video binge with the fact that we did make it to the pool twice this past weekend.

In fact, I was finishing up a sweater (another silly summer activity) and it's nice to have some background entertainment while one figures out how to pick up stitches along an edge.

I made it through several episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries while adding sleeve edges and sewing up seams. I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Fisher's adventurous forays into crime solving and the not too violent crimes. Can you say that about murder? Well CSI this is not. Add a good cast, the amazing outfits, the Melbourne setting and did I mention the outfits? This is show you wish you could walk in to.

I really need to go back and watch these lighted yet intriguing mysteries again to enjoy the details. Sewing knitted seams is not the best way to watch a show that has such rich attention to details. While I didn't give it my undivided attention, the series made an unpleasant knitting task a whole lot more bearable.

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