Thursday, August 29, 2013

Favorite Swimming Hole

What's your favorite place to swim? Beaches are beautiful to look at, but not my favorite place to swim. Lakes and ponds are out, too murky for my tastes.

My favorite swimming spot is fondly called The Froggy Pool, for reasons obvious in the photo below. A modest kids pool at a community club, that is often over crowded with splashing little ones. One the other hand that is part of the fun. It's perfect for our silly pool games. The atmosphere at the club is laid back, so there's no need to worry  how you look in your swim suit or feel self conscious when you are playing the part the giant crab or even the fleeing bunny. Bunnies don't like giant crabs. The pool also has retro looking metal umbrellas that I love. So The Froggy Pool takes my top spot for taking a dip.

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