Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent and the First Signs of Spring

Lent has started which means spring is not far away. Usually the start of this period of reflection coincides with the most difficult part of winter. I associate February with awful cold, a bleak landscape and blizzards. Not a bad backdrop for 46 days of giving something up.

Instead the chipmunks are already out of their holes and I've seen butterflies flittering around. The days are longer and the extra light is refreshing. It's unnatural but I'm not going to complain. I'm glad not to be fighting the cold. I've even gotten a little early yard work done.

I'm not holding my breath or packing up the snow boots either, I know February and March are fickle months. As for Lent I'm putting a positive Spring like approach on it. Rather than give up I'm going to try doing. Instead of restrictions I'm focusing on action. My goal, at least three small actions/steps a day to make our lives better.

I'm going to keep a list and will post about any of the little things that had a big impact.

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Belle said...

I love your idea for Lent. Wonderful! I'm keeping my winter boots out until April!