Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slowing Down: Form Follows Breakfast

Probably the last thing I need is a toast holder but I find the idea of one very appealing and civil. How nice to sit down to breakfast and have one's toast standing at attention. When I have toast, it goes directly from toaster to plate, is buttered and eaten. Too often standing right at the counter.

Maybe that's why a toast holder seems like such a lovely item, it's about taking the time to sit down and really enjoy a meal. These tow wire pieces from plus minus zero are such a lovely example of form following function and great reasons to fore go counter top eating and take a seat at the table.


Belle said...

They are cute. Now that my kids are grown, I usually eat breakfast on the sofa watching the news, so i guess I wouldn't use them.

jane said...

Eating and watching TV are so normal now a days. I'm trying to make sure we have some real sit down meals each week. Breakfast always seems the hardest.