Monday, May 16, 2011

100 Sunflowers

My daughter told me she wants 100 sunflowers in our garden this year so we have been sowing away. We are off to a late start. All the rain has made working in the garden difficult but we are determined to get our garden up to speed.

We have been planting in green house trays a little at a time. We have planted Mammoth Organic, Sunny, Florenza and Lemon Queen varieties so far. We still have Teddy Bear, Citrus, and American Giants to go.

We are already well past 100 seeds. I'm hedging our bets, between the chipmunks and cutworms, I want to make sure my daughter has a hundred sunflowers this year.

Maybe by mid summer we will have an arrangement as beautiful as Van Gogh's painting above.


Belle said...

What a great project! My daughter grew sunflowers one year when her daughters were small. They went out with their plastic swords and hacked them all down! When she asked why they said, "We were playing "Lumberjack".

jane said...

Hi Belle!

I love that story. What amazing imaginations they had! I'll have to hide the plastic swords this summer.