Thursday, December 9, 2010

Green Bridges

Last night I caught a snippet of a Nature show "Prince of the Alps" about red deer in Austria. The program briefly discussed "green bridges" that have been built in Austria and other European Countries to allow animals safe passage across highways. France started a program of bridges and viaducts designed to allow animals to safely follow their migratory routes in the 50s. What a wonderful idea.

How much better than the walls that are built along US highways to block the noise for nearby housing developments. I sympathize that no one wants a highway in their backyard, but I hate seeing the bodies of deer and other animals who ended up trapped on the highway with no way out. Hurrah for green bridges. I hope we see them popping up along our roads one day.

More about green bridges and wildlife corridors here.


Belle said...

We have those here at home in BC, Canada. They are a great idea.

jane said...

I'm so glad to hear that. I wish we had them in the States but doubt with the current state of the economy that anyone is going to have the foresight to put dollars towards building them. It's a shame since it would actually pay for itself by preventing costly accidents and insurance claims. Not to mention the lives that would be saved.