Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Assembly Required

Wow, I'm glad the rush of Christmas is over. I really find holiday shopping exhausting and while I love wrapping gifts, it felt like I was on a holiday assembly line. There are only so many bows one can tie.

The thing that really almost took me over the edge this Christmas was the assembly required doll house I bought for my daughter. I guess I should not have been surprised that something as large as a dollhouse would not be shipped fully assembled, but I was. Despite a positive attitude and a strong cup of coffee, the assembly did not go smoothly. Suffice it to say replacement pieces are on their way.

The snow storm came as a relief. A message from the skies to chill out. I woke up the morning after the storm thinking okay now we have to make snow angels and a snowman. Sounds fun, but I was so tired that the idea of being out in the cold had little appeal. Luckily, when I asked my little one if she wanted to go out in the snow, she firmly stated "No, it's too cold." The wisdom of a three year old.

So we didn't cross "build a snowman" off our list. It really was way too cold. Instead we stayed inside and just watched the wind whip up the snow. Sometimes the to do list just needs to be ignored.

Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse above. It's really beautiful but get a helping hand if you ever need to put one together!

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