Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Favorite Bits of Summer

These are some of the images that are going to define the summer of 2010 for me. Is fall really just a week away? Well it actually already feels like it is here.

First pony ride.

First dragon ride.

Chasing balloons.

Our Garden.

"Slide go wee."

Visiting "Joanie Girlie" the pig and the chicken family "mommy, daddy and baby".

Peach picking.


xoxoxoe said...

No little girl ever forgets her first dragon ride ...

Adorable photos and she always has such a wonderful, truly happy smile. The summer may have been a bit up an down for you, but the little one obviously had a blast!

jane said...

Hey there, yes the summer was up and down and the trend continues. Luckily we are truly happy when we are together and I have these photos to cheer me up when things get tough.

I owe you a real email, hopefully this weekend I'll have some time.

Aly said...

So true xoxoxo. J, some of favorite photos you take are of your daughter.

jane said...

Thanks Aly! I guess it helps to be in love with your subject matter!