Friday, September 3, 2010

Icebox Cake Revisited

I was remembering the icebox cake my mother used to make when I was little the other day and thought how it would be a fun thing to "cook" with my daughter. Just shy of three, she is now very interested in helping out in the kitchen. I love watching her assemble the dinner salads but still hesitant to have her help out at the stove or touch the oven. This simple cake seems like a perfect project for us.

Luckily, I was able to find some Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers at the supermarket.
Apparently, these thin dark chocolate wafers are becoming more difficult to get a hold of. You can read Candy Sagon's article "Assemble, Chill and Serve" from The Washington Post archive to learn more about of these elusive cookies and the history of the icebox cake.

Now I can't wait to make some extra space in the fridge and find a big enough stretch of time for a walk down memory lane with my little one. I hope making this cake is as much fun for her as it was for me when I was small.

Photo and the recipe to make this version of the icebox cake at Smitten Kitchen.


Belle said...

The cake looks delicious. Your post reminded me of all the fun I had baking with my daughters and granddaughters.

jane said...

Hi Belle. Cooking is such a great thing to share with children. What was your favorite thing to bake with your family? My mom used to make a sour cream coffee cake that was my absolute favorite.

Belle said...

Every Friday night we made cinnamon rolls. The girls looked forward to that.