Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recession Fun # 8: Sunflowers

A couple of packets of sunflowers certainly go a long way in the garden and they are fairly easy to grow if you manage to protect them in the early stages. We used paper cups to keep them safe from cutworms. The garden looked like a Dixie cup farm for a while. Chipmunks are the other big foe, being equally fond of the seeds and the young sprouts. Luckily, our local chipmunks have been more focused on the new bird feeder this summer. Oh and of course, the deer. I had to resort to fencing this year.

Happily, we have managed to grow a patch despite all these critters and have already had our first sunflower bloom. It was not one we planted, but a stray seed that managed to not get eaten by the birds last fall. We are getting close to seeing the efforts of labors bloom. More photos to follow.


Belle said...

I love sunflowers. My adult daughter planed some one year and when they were big and tall her little girls took their pretend light sabers and chopped them all down. They said they were pretending to be loggers.

jane said...

Belle thanks for sharing that great story. Children have such amazing imaginations. I want to create a room of sunflowers for us to hide in next summer. Hopefully I'll get to it. I am always trying to plan bigger and better things for our garden but I still haven't gotten my raised beds built and they have been on my list for two years. Fingers crossed.