Monday, July 5, 2010

I Want to Paint it Black

I spent the holiday weekend getting a root canal and taking on a difficult home improvement project that involves some pesky walls. The walls are, after much difficulty, finally primed with white paint. They will eventually be a very pretty cream color with white trim. The combination that reminds me of English row houses and is very calming unlike the painting process to date.

So why the pictures of black walls? The whole time I've been sanding, scraping, stripping and washing down these hard-to-tame walls, I've been dreaming of painting them black. Well actually just one of the four. I think it's a good thing the cream paint has already been purchased, because while I like black walls, I don't think the house needs any more character at present.

Photo 1 via Four Walls and a Roof
Photo 2 via Just Beautiful Things
Photo 3 via Artnlight


Aly said...

Very nice, I like black rooms as well. You would appreciate my beautiful bathroom in Berlin.

jane said...

Is it black? Please send me a picture.