Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time to Decorate the Christmas Tree

Thanks to an allergic reaction to a real live Christmas tree two years ago, I now own a a real live fake GE Pre-lit Christmas tree. Thanks to my pre-lit tree, I am now one of those early birds who put up their tree Thanksgiving weekend. And I love it! Sure, I feel like a giant nerd but it only took me ten minutes to put up. I did have a little scare when the mid section didn't light up but just as I was about to search for a bad light bulb, I realized I hadn't connected all of the plugs.

Now that the tree is up and glowing, I just need to decorate. If I were in the market for ornaments, I would love to get some of these beauties from Anthropologie and create my own woodland-themed tree. Sadly, my two year old has her own ideas about tree decorating and redecorating. We'll be sticking with straw ornaments from Sweden this year. Still very pretty and very unbreakable.


ep said...

post a picture when it's decorated!

jane said...

Will do! It will probably look a lot like last years. I'm pretty limited with what I can do. The little one is big on undoing stuff right now!