Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Tree Falls in the Night

I woke up at 2:25am in pitch blackness. It was technically the morning but when it's dark outside and I should be sleeping, it's night time in my book. I was trying to get back to sleep when I felt a crash and the bed shook. There were no other sounds and no one else woke up, so I finally went back to sleep. This morning the mystery was solved when I looked out the back window. An old tree that has been leafless for years finally gave in and fell into our yard. It was so rotted it broke in to large pieces and now looks like the skeleton of a tree.

The little one described it as one of the forest trees. I love that she sees the wooded part of the yard as a forest. She said one of the forest trees fell into our yard and now we can use a saw, cut it up and use the tree as wood for our fire place. I think it is beyond firewood at this point but I will definitely be looking for a way to clear it away. I'm flattered that the little one thinks I'm handy and brave enough to use a saw. Oh lawn guys, I have a job for you! 

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