Friday, March 15, 2013

Less is More: Sal's or You May Know It as The Salvation Army

I remember my friend Susie excitedly telling me she had gone shopping and gotten a whole bunch of great tee shirts at Sal's. She said "Sal's" as if it were an unmistakeable brand name like GAP. When I asked what Sal's was, she laughed and said her nickname for the The Salvation Army. Good mid-westerner that she is, she bought used tee-shirts for her job which includes working with printer inks and other materials that ruin clothing. I've been calling The Salvation Army "Sal's" ever since.

My local Sal's used to be located conveniently on the corner of Bedford Ave and North 7th (pictured above). I visited it many times to unload unwanted stuff. I've browsed the racks and knickknacks, but what I love about Sal's is being able to get rid of stuff. It makes it easier to part with things that are unwanted but still useful, when you know they have a chance at second life.

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