Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Year of the Dragon

I'm not one to follow Chinese Astrology, maybe I don't get the idea of everyone born in a year sharing the same sign. It could also be that I didn't like what was in my Chinese horoscope for this year. It included overwork, possible death in the family and domestic accidents. Just grim. Give me good old groovy Age of Aquarius stuff.

On the bright, side dragons are very popular around our house, at least they have starring roles in our "plays". They tend to like to steal the baby bunny and take her home for dinner, as in the baby bunny is for dinner. But the mean dragon always thinks better of it and flies baby bunny home to her mommy. The dragon says sorry and it all ends well. Hopefully the year of the dragon thinks twice and is kind to us.


Belle said...

Someone on another blog asked what animal we were. I found out yesterday I am a Tiger. I like tigers and dragons. I don't believe in horoscopes either.

jane said...

How fun that we are the same sign! I also like tiger an dragons but am passing on Chinese astrology!