Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Kit

I splurged on a pumpkin carving kit, if you can call $6.99 a major outlay of cash . It's more of a splurge in the sense that carving a pumpkin can certainly be done with a decent kitchen knife a spoon. My "use what's at hand" motto of recent was overridden by the notion that the kit would make our pumpkin carving seem more like an event. Also some of the templates provided convinced me that I might be able to pull off something really spectacular. I'm thinking if it goes even half way decently, I'll end up with something more impressive than my usual three triangles and a mouth. We'll see. A beautiful pumpkin sits in the kitchen waiting to be transformed. pictures to follow.

This neat little "Pumpkin Hollow" idea is from the Disney Family Fun site which is packed with lots of great projects and inspiration for Halloween.

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